Monday, February 11, 2013

Morituri te salutamus

If I remember my Latin correctly, that is what the gladiators said before the games. (we who are about to die salute you). That is how I feel now. I got a good night's sleep, the food is packed, most of our stuff is ready, we get a last supper tonight, then at midnight we start from Puerto Natales with a 108 km bike ride. Then is is ON for the next 10 days (or less if we finish early or drop out). 701 km total, 288 are trekking/bushwhacking, 66 via sea kayak, and the rest are biking (I think).

Our location should be trackable on the Yogaslackers Adventure page...

There should also be a delorme link somewhere and the patagonian expedition race page - and their facebook page which is more likely to have some updates and pictures.

We should be yoga2. the other yogaslacker team is yoga1, you can see how much faster they are than us.

Also Taz made a facebook page for Team 4 Continents...

Sorry this isn't a better post with pics etc. But I am working off of someone else's computer with limited time.

Hopefully I can have a complete write up after all the suffering is over.

Wish us luck.

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