Thursday, November 12, 2015

Going Intercontinental

I am heading off for the rest of the year - and well into 2016. I'll be joining among others at various times Sam and Raquel, Kristen and Matt, Erik, and more YogaSlackers plus visiting Tammy and Andy and hopefully a few other friends on the far side of the world. First stop Hong Kong, then on to Thailand, followed by Christmas and New Years in New Caledonia and then on to New Zealand for a while before a stop in Hawaii on the way back to the US Mainland. I am pretty excited by everything except the expensive tickets (actually a good bit cheaper this year than last year). I sure hope I can get all the stuff I need to get taken care of before I go. So much logistics and packing. I wish I could just have all my toys with me without having to cart them around when I am not using them. I am pretty sure that there will be some climbing, slacklining, Acro, Yoga, packrafting, snorkeling, running, hiking, photography, and eating. I suspect there will be some adventures whether we want them or not, so I'll pretend we are planning them.

I don't know how much internet access I'll have. I won't be taking a computer myself other than an old droid smartphone and a kindle but some of the people I'll be traveling with will have computers so hopefully I'll be able to at least update this blog from time to time as well as keep up with e-mail. At some point in the future you might be able to see a few of the many GB of photos I expect to take.

Meanwhile I try to finish up the things I should have been doing the rest of the year, find gear and pack and cull and repack my bags, and prepare my place to be abandoned for a while.

I made a kindle case to protect it while traveling

kindle case closed up and hopefully safe

quite a pile of toys and gear to try to pack

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fall Highball Classic in Bishop

a little fresh snow on the mountains
Last weekend was the fall highball classic in Bishop. Friday I went to the Reel Rock 10 film showing. Unfortunately I was late enough that I had to sit on the floor. The quality of climbing films sure has improved in the last few years. Saturday I went to the Buttermilks with Julie and Ernie. We mostly got shut down but did do the stand start version of the Pope's Hat in honor of the Highball themed weekend. There was a nice sunset too, although the wispy clouds sort of changed before the color got decent.

sunset from the buttermilks

That night there was a get together off of main street, among other things there was a pack weight guessing contest (Price is Right rules) and a rope coiling contest put on by Sierra Mountain Guides. I had the fastest coiling time when I did it but was beat later. However my pack weight guessing skills were up to snuff and I won a nice Camp M4 pack. It might be my new carry-on pack (I gotta check the dimensions) not to mention a good size for other adventures. There was also a slide show put on by Peter Croft. This time I got a seat. The next morning I headed out earlyish (for me) for a nice bagel breakfast and then did a stewardship project out on the tablelands. Our group worked on delineating the edge of the road and either blocking off or making more obvious a few campsites and turnarounds. The weather was lovely and the city of Bishop helped with the festivities this year - the movie and slideshow was in the Bishop Twin Theater and the party and breakfast were across the street in the lot there as well as a Friday night get together in the Mtn Rambler Brewery. All in all a successful weekend although I did sort of strain my back picking up a rock. oops.


during - moving big rocks

mostly after - parking camping area but you can't just drive across the desert

after from the other side

Red Rocks with Dawn

I met up with Dawn to climb at red rocks. The first day we climbed "frogland" this was a fun romp not really marred by the fact that the first three parties to Black Velvet Canyon were all going to climb there. It was a little crowded, but not a big deal. We hung out in the shade at the top until the descent was in the shade. The temps were a bit hotter than I expected (there was a cold front the week before). Then we had the main event, "Epinephrine". This classic heads up some 11 pitches and continues on to the summit of Black Velvet Peak. We got an early start - showing up at the base of the route just as it got light. The one other car at the parking lot ahead of us was already on the route. Unfortunately they were a bit slower than we were. Eventually they dropped a shoe (I caught the sock, but the shoe was out of reach) and bailed. The chimneys were pretty physical (5 pitches worth), especially with a mini pack. Then we cruised up fun face and crack climbing to a huge ramp. We got there just in time to scramble up it to the end of the 4th/easy 5th class as it got dark. Then on up to the summit and a rather long but only slightly confusing descent. The nearly full moon and warm temps made that pretty nice really.

Dawn in the chimney (p. 4 for us)

Dawn was pretty tired near the top (as was I)

reading the summit register with the lights of Vegas in the distance

I have a more complete trip report here: Frogland and Epinephrine Climbing With Dawn

Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Sierra Challenge, Ultra Run, River Trip... the busy time has come

As the title suggests, things have gotten busy, after Wanderlust I made a weekend trip to San Diego to see some friends and participate in the Slack-Pocalypse (I walked 2.78 miles on a slackline - lots of laps) or as reported on Gearjunkie.  Then it was on to Utah for the Kat'cina Mosa 100k trail run race and the OR show and back to CA to do days 3-9 of the Sierra Challenge. I missed the first 2 days due to the OR show and recovering from the run. I skipped the last day to pack up and start driving up to OR for Jason's 40th birthday Deschutes River trip. This was a heap of packrafts and other watercraft on the river for 4 days of fun and paddling (the paddling was fun too mostly). Busy busy. It will take a while to catch up with pics, but here are a few. Hopefully one day I will have proper trip reports written up and posted.

Julie and Willow acro in San Diego
parking lot cooking with JD and Chris

Bob and Robert traversing N of White Mtn

Bob, Jeff, Rob, Robert, and myself on a peak N of White Mtn

Milky Way from near the Taboose Pass trailhead

sometimes things get weird on the river

our flotilla, we had one more packraft to start out.

Chip paddling through a rapid

group shot the last morning

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wanderlust, running, injuries, and life.

my grapes are starting to get ripe - a good harvest coming up
That should cover most of what I've been up to lately. I've been pretty negligent with the blog... As mentioned elsewhere I've got a 100K "race" coming up. I have no illusions about having a good time, I just want to complete it before the cutoff. I have been training - up to a 44.8 mile trail "run" as well as many lesser jaunts. During one of these I tripped while attempting to put my camera back on the chest holster and hurt my wrist. It was getting better when I re-injured it in a wet granite slab slip. Since then I've been trying to wear a brace on it, and it is getting better.

Last week I joined a heap of YogaSlackers at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley. We were teaching slackline and slackro classes as well as playing. With my hurt wrist I was somewhat limited, but as long as things were somewhat slow and didn't require a flat wrist I was able to do some hand to hand and other things. I also go humbled by the waterline the first 2 days I tried it, the third time was the charm though. It was nice to get to reconnect with people as well as meet some of the new slackers. I also got to see Michael Franti and Thievery Corporation in concert.

Eric walking the waterline like a boss

Link supports Liz

one of our classes on the dome

I support Liz in foot to hand in the pool at high camp (Eric Ward Photo)

After that I met up with Geordie and two other Australians at Lover's Leap. I was able to do some climbing, although I stuck to toproping in case I needed to drop off. I am able to pull pretty hard as long as there aren't any weird twists or bending my wrist back involved. It was very nice to be able to get back on the rock.
climbing at Lover's Leap - the horizontal dikes are just begging to be climbed

the milky way and trees - taken with the fisheye

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bouldering ! (and some other climbing)

I got back to Bishop and my friends were here, so we went out climbing the first 3 days. I was pretty whipped by the end, but in a good way.

Angelina at the Happys
Xavier onsighting Thieves in the Temple

Angelina on the Ironman Traverse
Angelina on Funky Tut

and then not

one spotting mishap knocked my glasses off and blew off both flipflops - I even blew one out.

a nice sunset one evening

someone had quite a collection of pads

Since then the bouldering has been on a more reasonable schedule. It feels like it is coming back, but we shall see.

Andrea sports some fancy pants

Tavis sending the Vulcan Traverse with style

In other news, Sam and Raquel convinced me to try to run a 100K race in August. gulp. That means I need to be training. I like being in shape, but not necessarily getting there. I have been running for a few weeks though.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Acro in SLC

First we went to an Acro Jam in the Park on Sunday, then midweek we joined Kimberley's weekly class and taught the Russion mostly standing routine (or at least most of it).

Then the next weekend I got to help/take an acro workshop with Sam and Raquel at Yoga Upstairs. Friday we started out with some quick refreshers and some more basic moves.

Saturday there were more progressions towards some washing machines (Catherine wheel, 4 step, ghetto ninja star, and probably some other stuff).

Sunday we did some reviewing and more practice along with slackro (swinging gate and various shin to foot things) and some more washing machines (tick-tocks, barrel rolls). I am sure there was more, but between getting up early to go running and staying up late playing Dominion it is all starting to blur into a haze. Depending on the number of people and the group sizes I was either in a group or helping spot or point things out. Some of the things I had done a lot before, others were pretty new, so I got to learn a bit. Also there is a big difference between working with someone who knows the stuff well or with another person learning it. I also got to fly a bit, which is new and exciting. I also got a bruised backside.
warming up - shoulder stand swivels - or something like that

LaTia in throne on Nancy's feet, Gina spots

Nancy shoulder stands on Ed, Gina spots again

Elizabeth shin to foot on Eric, Sam on the side and Kevin (I think) spotting

Nancy croc on Raquel, Kevin spots - Liz and Tim in the background

When there was a chance I tried to take some pics - not the best because it was pretty dark. Still they are fun to see. Sorry if I botched names or other info - it is all blending into a haze. Thanks everyone for playing with me - basing, flying, spotting, or telling me what I was doing wrong.